MEGHAN CROUGH, Individual, Couple and Family Therapist   Rochester , NY

Premarital Counseling...

You're preparing for the Wedding Day and checking things off the To Do list. Relationship readiness for Marriage...check? 

Do you know how to communicate your needs effectively? Do you know your partner's (and your own) Love Language? Do you know how to make an apology that really helps heal the injury? 

The quality of our relationships affect our immune systems, our happiness and our overall health. Discover the latest research and how you can begin to hack HAPPINESS in your relationship over the long term. Reach!

 Mothers & Daughters

It's been called the "most powerful relationship of all." ...But not because it is simple or easy! This powerhouse dynamic can be molded, shaped, healed and saved. It can be better. Take a deep breath, and I'll help you get there.


Relationship in trouble or not? Come in for fine tuning--90% of couples wait too long to get help. Get proactive. ​This relationship is about the QUALITY of your life--you do have the time, energy and focus. It is absolutely worth it!

   Individuals & Families

Sometimes we need support one-on-one...and other times we want to bring the whole team and talk out tough things in a safe place. It often helps to have someone outside the situation who can see it differently and facilitate tricky conversations. Give it a try--you'll be proud you did!

Thrive in your life and in your relationships!

Therapy for people and families who want to feel better, to heal better, to love better and to live with joy.